Date: 11th February 2019


Snodland Town Football Club are pleased to announce that our application to the F.A. Football Stadia Improvement Fund has been successful and we have been awarded a grant of almost £58,000.00 towards the building of new Changing Room and Clubhouse facilities.

Snodland Town Football Club would like to express their sincere thanks to the Snodland Partnership, club members, supporters and friends who helped to raise over £25,000.00 to enable the grant application to proceed.

The commencement of building works will now begin as soon as possible, which the club hopes to be during the course of March 2019. Currently the club is finalising designs and obtaining construction and material quotes prior to the start of the project.

These new facilities will bring the club in line with league requirements and will also fulfil ground requirements for any future promotion to step 5 football.

The club eagerly anticipates these facilities being built within the ground which will enable the club to be completely self-sufficient.

Chairman Dave Jeal said “We are extremely grateful to the Football Stadia Improvement Fund Committee for approving our grant application. This money will enable the club to move forward in a very positive way.”